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If You Have Not Recieve Your 20k From FG, This Is Why – See How To

If You Have Not Recieve Your 20k From FG, This Is Why – See How To

Some days ago when the Federal Government announced that they have an immediate disbursement of 20k conditional cash transfer to poor Nigerians to enable them cope with the lockdown, controversies that have continued to trail the exercise, as many Nigerians have been complaining that they have not received any alert from the Federal Government.

The complain took another dimension when Charly Boy, popularly called Area Father, took to Twitter to troll the federal government.

Hear him, “sometimes person dey imagine if dis govment dey reason things inside-inside at all.

“Dis money wey @FMHDSD dey claim to dey share to people wey poor die, how dem wan sabi dem for d 36states, which criteria dem dey use to know who poor well? As e be say we no get better database”

That has been the question on the lips of everyone, what database the government is using to share the money to Nigerians.

But the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, in her reply to Charly Boy, finally cleared the air for everyone to understand.

She said, “Area Fada, we salute. E get wetin dem dey call National Social Registry, na dem dey waka enter area wey poor Nigerians boku make dem for yarn to know who be who. Na that same registry we dey use do Conditional Cash Transfer. Na so World Bank sef dey do am.”

So the truth now is that if you have not received any cash transfer from the federal government, then it means your name is not on the National Social Registry. And the Registry only contains names of people living in the poor areas of the country. So if you have not received any money, then it maybe due to the area you are living, as emphasis is laid on where poor Nigerians are likely to be found.

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  1. Write a comment *Nigerians government are so heartless how can they keep people at home no source of income no money, nothing is been shared to show or move live forward I cause whoever his hands is in for this…..money people donated to distribute to people now one person is sitting in his house to consume it…Corona virus will locate all of them. infact Nigeria government kills more than Corona virus itself tufiakwa.

    1. That's it them want us to die because no going of anywhere .no money to eat for now again so what are we going to do make we die abi says:

      Please Nigeria help us ooo

  2. Write a comment *why are you people heartless? No worries, good and safety in this God forsaken land, even the money donated has been coined, people are dying of hunger. did other countries pay only the poor? Who is not poor in Nigeria self? Someone in inside with husband and kids without job and money. it’s very much unfair

    1. Foolish people. 20k dey no fit share for 40m BVN. Na lie o say dem share money for the poor ones, this one na iskanci

  3. Heartless govt.
    Is better corona kill me than die of hunger.
    Use BVN sent assistance to people you can’t.


  4. It’s obvious that we don’t have any good leadership in this country so called Nigeria. Some people(not even Federal Government) donates money to fights agains corona virus and also cater for Nigerians that are helpless. Now some people from leadership post sits at one corner still tryingto embezzle this huge amounts of money as they are doing for politics. And no one can stand out to fights this not even the the so called Federal government. This is really unfair. What is the essence of electing all you these leaders fighting not for the people who elected you but only for the interest of your family alone. Is Nigeria population up to billions? Then why you all these leader keep enjoying when all the people you rule over are living in frustration. What is the essence of your leadership? To say the real fact, the money donated can surely take Nigeria to higher place if it is shared to all Nigerians both villages and cities, bother rural and urban in a straight forward, mannerly presentable ways. This is possible if truly all our leaders are fighting for our rights wholeheartedly and not for self interest. I pray God take control over everything coz presently Nigerans are really suffer. ” Who we are is not as important as the impact we create in the history of time”. Do well LEADERS!