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Captive Boko-Haram Commander Confess How They Operate “Read What He Said”

Captive Boko-Haram Commander Confess How They Operate “Read What He Said”
Credit: Ifeanyi Okolie

How we kidnapped Chibok young ladies in 2014 — Boko Haram commandants 

•We were not doing it for Islam 

•Money offered us by the order excessively enticing 

•We got N200,000 to pass on suicide planes to areas 

•Shekau’s camp was somewhere inside Sambisa backwoods 

Cross area of the suspects 

It was accumulated that three commandants of the Civilian Joint Task Force, an outfit made by the Borno State Government, to help the Nigeria Military in trailing and capturing individuals from the order,

were among those captured by the IRT, for giving out operational data of the military to individuals from the organization. 

Captive Boko-Haram Commander Confess How They Operate “Read What He Said”
Captive Boko-Haram Commander Confess How They Operate “Read What He Said”

Eight different suspects additionally admitted during cross examinations that they were a piece of the gathering that completed the April 2014, hijack of more than 200 students from an administration optional school, in Chibok territory of Borno State. 

At the point when Vanguard met the suspects, a portion of the commandants, infantry and witnesses portrayed their jobs and the different undertakings executed for the gathering. 

Assault on Chibok 

Maita Alhaji Modu nom de plume Abu, a 20-year-old Boko Haram administrator, Though he said he has not gone to School and not certain about his genuine age,

Native of Bama Local Government of Borno State, who was a rancher and had no proper instruction admitted that he took a functioning part in the 2014

Grab of Chibok students and he was similarly liable for moving little youngsters who were utilized for suicide bombings from Sambisa Forest into Maiduguri Town. 

He said as a leader, he had been battling for the order since 2011 and helped the gathering in assuming control more than a few towns.

He said he additionally partook in snare assaults over the Northeastern conditions of Nigeria and a few pieces of Niger, Chad and Cameroon.

He uncovered that the initiative of the gathering typically paid every contender the total of N30,000 after each assault. 

Describing how the gathering completed the April 2014 Chibok school young ladies assault, he said;

“one of our commandants, who got immediate requests from our pioneer, Abubakar Shekau, Bana Chungori, brought out more than 100 of us and we as a whole collected at the Sambisa Forest”. 

He disclosed to us that our pioneer, Shekau had requested that we should all go to Chibok Local Government and seize some school young ladies at the school.

We were unable to pose inquiries, since it was an immediate request from Shekau and we as a whole mounted our trucks. 

We had five major military trucks, three Toyota Hilux vans and two Isuzu pickup trucks. We left Sambisa Forest around 5pm that night and showed up the school around 10pm. 

We encompassed the school when we showed up and when we were sure that there would be no obstruction, Chungori provided orders that we should all go in and we found the young ladies running in dread.
We abducted huge numbers of them and removed them in our trucks. 

At the point when we got to the Sambisa Forest, Chungori asked all the infantrymen and other lower officers including me to leave the truck since he was to take the young ladies to Shekau, whose camp was somewhere inside the woodland. 

I didn’t see the young ladies again in light of the fact that I was not near Shekau, however I was paid the total of N30,000 upon the arrival of the abducting and I was likewise given the aggregate of N60,000 after a lot of payoff was paid for the arrival of the young ladies.” 

•One of the commandants of the Chibok students hijackers Abu 

We focused on thickly populated regions — Abu 

Abu additionally said; “at some point in December 2014, two of our top administrators; Bakura and Ibrahim, requested me to take two young ladies with suicide vests to Maiduguri town and manage them until they had exploded their bombs. 

Be that as it may, each time I got to Maiduguri, I would not go into the Metropolis with them and I would leave them at the edge of the town and before you knew it they would have exploded their bombs.

The first they did was at Muna carport and the second was at Dalori which was additionally on the edge of Maiduguri town. 

An individual from the gathering, Adam, who had a taxi in Maiduguri, at that point called our authority and disclosed to him that the suicide planes I had been getting had been not able to go into the town where they were huge hordes of individuals and since he was a cab driver,

he could generally assist us with finding thickly populated zones where individuals could be slaughtered in bigger numbers, if just my officers would pay him. 

They concurred on N200,000 per crucial each time I took the young ladies from Sambisa backwoods, I would take them to Adam, who might then bring the young ladies into Maiduguri city and after each effective assault, I was the individual who used to take his cash to him.

My leaders used to pay me between N60,000 to N70, 000 after every activity. I wasn’t doing this in view of my Islamic confidence, I was simply doing this in view of the cash.” he expressed. 

I was paid N200,000 to take suicide planes to target areas—Mustapher 

21-year-old Adam Mustapher, a local of Maiduguri revealed to Vanguard that he joined the order in 2009 when Mohammed Yusuf, its organizer was alive, yet he didn’t partake in the battle toward the start, since he was excessively youthful.

However, he said he became pulled in to the gathering in 2014 when he understood individuals were bringing in cash from the gathering’s exercises. 

He additionally admitted that his activity as a part since 2014 was to take little youngsters being utilized for suicide bombings to their objective areas and he ordinarily earned N200,000 for every activity;

I went to just an Islamic school and I didn’t finish my instruction. I am a cab driver and I have been in the business over the most recent four years.

I joined the Boko Haram Sect in the year 2009 when the author Mohammed Yusuf was as yet alive. 

I used to implore with the faction in their mosque however I didn’t participate in the battle from the earliest starting point, I went underground.

Be that as it may, I rejoined the gathering four years back when one Ibrahim, an individual from the gathering moved toward me with purchasing taken cows and other animals from the gathering, which I would sell in Maiduguri. 

I got such a lot of money flow from the business, however that my companion Ibrahim was later slaughtered during an experience with certain warriors.

I purchased a vehicle with the cash I made and the gathering at that point gave me another task which was for me to consistently pass on suicide aircraft, who were fundamentally little youngsters, from the Sambisa timberland, with their suicide vests to their objective areas. 

The individual who typically took the young ladies from Sambisa woodland to Muma Garage in Maiduguri, where I would get them, was one Abu, who has additionally been captured.

At times I got guidance from Sambisa woods on where the suicide aircraft would assault and where there was none I would take them to any zone where I felt the setback figure would be extremely high. 

In any case, my objectives were typically thickly populated zones and before I got the young ladies from Abu, I ordinarily drove round the town to discover regions that were populated. 

I provided nourishment things, sold jewels for Boko Haram—Mala 

One of the gathering’s strategic providers, 48-year-old Ibrahim Mala, a local of Goza nearby Government region of Borno State, said as a security man at a gas station, he earned just N5,000 month to month which made him to join the gathering.

I am an individual from Boko Haram and I am one of the gathering’s strategic providers. 

I met the gathering through one Arramma, who brought one Abu to me and they requested that I get some taken rams and goats from them.

I purchased the animals for N22,000 and afterward they revealed to me that they were individuals from the Boko Haram. 

They at that point mentioned me to be their provider. In some cases they carried cash to me from the Sambia woods to assist them with purchasing nourishment things and different things they would require and in the wake of purchasing the things,

I would keep them in my home and call them on the telephone to come and get the things. 

They would then come around evening time to convey the things. They typically paid me the whole of N100,000 on each excursion.

In any case, in the month March they carried a few precious stones for me to sell for them and they likewise connected me to one Alhaji Talba Gonie, who lived at Zageri Ward, on Baga Road, who they said realized how to sell the jewels. 

In the wake of selling the jewels, Alahjai Talba Gonie would hand over the cash to me and the order individuals would teach me on what they required me to purchase for them with a portion of the cash after which they would come and pick them and the parity of their cash.

I sold the precious stones for them on five events and they compensated me liberally, yet I don’t have the foggiest idea where they got the jewels from.

I purchased a land with the cash I produced using my dealings with the gathering. 

Be that as it may, I am lamenting my activities since I was at one time a Boko Haram casualty as they killed my uncle and his child, when they assaulted my town in 2014 however the cash they offered to pay me in the event that I turned into their provider was so enticing. Indeed, even my better half was unsettled that I joined the gathering yet there wa

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