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VIDEO Pastor Odumeje Indaboski Vs The Rock Full Fight

VIDEO Pastor Odumeje Indaboski Vs The Rock Full Fight

A Video has been going viral on social, its a fight between the lion himself , the liquid metal and the wwe superstar, The Rock, see video below

Weird Fact You Need To Know About Pastor Odumeje AKA Indabosky (SEE ALL VIDEOS)

However, Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje who used to be a struggling leather designer on the streets of Onitsha, insists that he is genuine and credits his mother’s unyielding prayers as the source of his powers. According to him, while struggling to survive, his “kind and loving mother” had a vision of him becoming a great prophet of God, and she relentlessly backed it up with prayers and fasting, for the divine arrest of her son.

While his mother was busy praying and fasting for the realization of her revelation, the young Odumeje preoccupied himself with music and football, so passionately that he aspired to be either a musical or football legend.

But his mother’s prayers began to catch up with Odumeje at age 19 when according to him God visited him and made him know that he was going to be used like Gideon in the bible, and that he was going to become a mighty prophet of valour, “who will deliver his people from the captivity of the devil.”

Indeed Prophet Odumeje has become a mighty man, but he has also attracted mighty controversies because of his affluent lifestyle and seemingly violent approach during miracle and healing sessions. It is not uncommon to see the prophet lift sick people aloft and slam them on empty chair in the name of trying to heal them of their diseases or deliver them from certain spirits or demons.

The prophet who is the General Overseer Of Mountain Of Holy Ghost Intervention And Deliverance Ministry, has since been dubbed “the smack down pastor” because of the similarity of his moves to WWE Wrestling matches.

In many of his deliverance sessions the Prophet could be seen slapping and forcefully hitting the members while trying to get them to feel his “anointing” and fall down. Recently, the same pastor body slammed a physically challenged woman on chairs in a church service in the name of deliverance.

In that video, Odumeje enacted a scene in World Wrestling Entertainment, WWE, as he picked up the woman on his shoulder, turned round and slammed her in fleet of chairs. According to an Instagram user, eye.renee, “This is not a church, it is a Mammon shrine! They are encouraging their congregation to worship money! And people wonder why crime rate is up! pity.”

Recently, a Non Governmenttal Organisation raised concerns about his methods and called on government to arrest him. “Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere The General Overseer Of Mountain Of Holy Ghost Intervention in Onitsha abuses women by beating them up, slamming women into chairs in the name of miracles. He abuses Nigerian legal tender CURRENCY by spraying, spreading it on the floor and matching on it. All these need urgent attention because this man is destroying the minds of people in this country in the name of religion,” Bisola J alleged. The petition was sent to President of Nigeria, Christian Association of Nigeria, United Nations, Central Bank of Nigeria.

Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere who is originally from Imo State is married and has four children with his wife- two boys and two girls

Founder of Holy Ghost Intervention Deliverance Ministry Onitsha, Emeka Odumeje, is rapidly infiltrating the Nigerian social media space with his eccentric style.

Rated the world’s 24th most religious nation and top on the continent, Nigeria flaunts a large pool of preachers and worship centres.

With almost 100 million, the West African country has the sixth-most Christian population behind the United States, Brazil, Russia, Mexico and the Philippines.


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