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Marriage Most Be Honor, Avoid Being Married To A Fake Lover’s

Marriage Most Be Honor, Avoid Being Married To A Fake Lover’s


Many people are getting married to fake lovers on a daily basis; walking a lair to the alter in the name of holy matrimony.

How holy is your marriage when your spouse is the opposite of the word Holy? How real is your relationship when your partner is always hiding things?

How sure are you that you are getting married to someone who won’t break your trust?

Someone who is worth your honesty? What guarantee do you have that you are with the right person and in your relationship trust is not leaking?

Before you agree to marry him or her, make sure you are getting married to someone who is real. If your partner is not real and you still want to get married to them, be sure you are getting married to someone who is not real.

At least it will prepare you for what is ahead, you won’t have any shock which you can’t take or contain. If you think your partner is real, the best way to test your relationship is to trade your mobile phone for a day.

Make sure there is no password or pattern. I can guarantee that you will either be left with a half partner or no partner.

If people in serious relationships will engage in this exercise this week, I am very certain more than 80 percent will lose their relationship. Only a few can be sure they are with the right person.

Marriage is an honour and it’s for the honorable; people who are committed, loyal and faithful. No one should force you to get married or be in a relationship.

However once you decide you want to be in one, please honour your commitment; stay loyal and faithful. Cheating is not part of the bargain.

If the one you are dating is not staying loyal and faithful to you but rather cheating, it means such a person is not committed and not the right candidate for marriage, so don’t waste your precious time on them.

The funny part is, some people don’t allow their phones to upgrade or update because of their storage but find it worth upgrading their partners. Once you hear “I am dating the two of you but I love you more”, it is right time to leave.

Some people are so nice in the beginning of a relationship, creating all sorts of sweet memories with you; but suddenly change because they meet someone new. As far as you are not married to them, it’s time to let go.

Guys should understand that, whatever it took to win her heart is exactly what it takes to keep her heart. So no pretending, don’t start a war you can’t finish.

If you think you love her then, please don’t fill her ears with a garbage of lies, don’t fill her mouth with words, don’t fill her eyes with tears, don’t fill her mind with confusion and above all, don’t fill her heart with pains.

A real man is not defined by the number of girlfriends he has, not by the number of women he can manipulate, but rather by the number of ladies he said “I AM TAKEN AND I AM IN LOVE WITH HER”.

In conclusion “If you are good, you are guided by honesty. People who can’t be trusted are destroyed by their own dishonesty” – Proverbs 11:3.

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