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5 Mistake Hushpuppi Made Before He Got Arrested By FBI

5 Mistake Hushpuppi Made Before He Got Arrested By FBI

UniqueMedia reported that Nigerian philanthropist and social media sensation Ray Hushpuppi and Woodberry, a close friend of his, were arrested by FBI and Interpol hours ago in Dubai UAE.

It is alleged that he was involved in a ventilator scam worth at about $35 million dollars. 

Also, he is said to be extradited to the US where the fraudulent act was carried out but because of the Coronavirus pandemic, he and his friend will be detained for now.

Now, let’s get to know the reason why Hushpuppi made a very huge mistake that led to him being arrested by Interpol.

Before now, there has been speculation that Ray Hushpuppi is into fraudulent activities. He is said to have the legit source of income or business/investments that one can lay hold on and say this is where he is making his money from.

Upon knowing all this, Ray Hushpuppi still went on to flaunt his lifestyle and fleet of expensive cars on social media without knowing that social media can be a dead zone sometimes.

5 Mistake Hushpuppi Made Before He Got Arrested By FBI

The alleged arrest is not something that the Interpol and FBI just woke up one night to carry out.

They must have been tracking and tracing Hushpuppi for a while or even years before finding any evidence or something that connects him to any form of fraudulent activities.

His lifestyle on social media is the biggest mistake he made. If he had kept his lifestyle off social media as most billionaires and millionaires do, eyes wouldn’t have been on him.

At this point, I don’t think he would get out of these alleged fraud cases easily because I can’t see him bribery his way out of the hands of the FBI and Interpol.

Ray Hushpuppi needs to be blamed for his alleged arrest because in my own opinion he caused the whole thing that is happening to him right.

This case of Hushpuppi is the same thing that happened to Obinwanne Okeke, a Nigerian who was listed on the Forbes list of under 30 100 most influential Africans.

Obinwanne brought the woes on himself by approaching Forbes to be on the list with the wealth he couldn’t account for. 

Hushpuppi, on the other hand, exposed himself by the use of social media to flaunt wealth he can’t legitimately account for. To me, I believe social media is Hushpuppi’s biggest mistake.

I’m not in any way or form praising fraudulent activities but he could have done better for himself by staying off social media.

He has people who don’t like him who could be ripping off some info to Interpol and FBI. He knew all this and still felt like nothing would happen

In conclusion, we all have to learn from the mistakes of others. I believe Hushpuppi could have learnt from other people’s mistakes but didn’t think it would be of value to him.

Learn to take your wealth and lifestyle off social media. It’s not everybody that is happy with your success whether legit or not.

I pray and hope God sees Hushpuppi and those alleged to be arrested with him out of this predicament that he’s found himself in.

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