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Nigerian Man Builds Machine That Transforms Nylons To Petrol

Nigerian Man Builds Machine That Transforms Nylons To Petrol

Nigerian man Emeka Nelson has invented a machine that might help develop the country for better.

Nelson built a machine that transforms wastes into Petrol, kerosine and diesel.

Emeka Nelson, a Nigerian man from the eastern part of the country was able to create a machine that converts wastes to petrol.

the machine does other things and there is hope that Emeka’s innovation will surely helps Nigeria struggling economy.

This young man shared some photos to his Facebook and some other social media pages about what this machine can do,

Nigerian Man Builds Machine That Transforms Nylons To Petrol

on his Facebook page he reported that the machine transforms hydrocarbon related wastes like plastics, nylons and other wastes.

On his post on social media he also stated that the machine would be able to transform all this wastes mentioned above into petrol, kerosine, diesel, tiles, interlocking stones, roofing sheets and bricks.

Emeka who named his invention the Mgbanwe C12, thanks all his team who helped him in putting the machine together.

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